Scopa rules card game

scopa rules card game

When one of the players takes in his turn all the uncovered cards on the table it´s said to make an scopa (broom); this is pointed. Scopa (italienisch für Besen) ist ein beliebtes italienisches Kartenspiel. Gespielt wird üblicherweise mit einem eigenen Deck, den sogenannten neapolitanische. To play the game of Scopa, a dealer deals three Scopa cards to each player, one card at a time. The dealer will also place four Scopa cards face up on the table.

Scopa rules card game - more successful

Four further cards are laid out face up on the table. It includes an Italian translation of a well-known set of rules that appeared in and were attributed to Chitarrella , the probably fictional author of a 19th century book on Tressette and Mediatore. In some regions the fante may be a femail figure and be called "Donna". The player with the most cards taken receives a point providing no other player has the same number of cards. In this variation of the game, playing an Ace captures all cards currently on the table and does not count as a scopa. Just a few words about cards that are important, specifically to this Italian card game of Scopa.


How to play scopa the card game Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. The first team to have 11 or more points at the end of hand wins. The special rules that cards on the table belong to the last player who made a capture, and that a sweep cannot be scored for the final play, apply only at the end of the final deal when there are no further cards to be dealt. With the 5 the player can take the King from the table, as the King is worth 10 points, which totals 15 points when combined with the 5. In North America, Italian cards in betting world app regional patterns can be obtained from TaroBear's Lair. You have no items in your shopping cart. scopa rules card game



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